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Table 6 Imaging tests performed at admission

From: Performance of pre-hospital evaluations in ruling out invasive chest stab wounds

 Pre-hospital signs of IWs (n = 94)No signs of IWs (n = 59)p*
No investigation, n30 
Chest X-ray, n (%)83 (88)59(100)< 0.01a
Chest X-ray alone, n (%)8(9)9(15)0.19a
TTE, n (%)64(68)35(59)0.27a
TTE alone, n (%)7(7)00.03b
CT scan, n (%)53(56)45(76)0.013a
CT scan alone, n00 
Chest X-ray and TTE, n (%)23(24)5(8)0.01a
TTE and CT scan, n10 
Chest X-ray and CT scan, n (%)19(20)15(25)0.45a
Chest X-ray TTE, CT scan, n (%)33(35)30(51)0.06a
  1. Definition: IW invasive wound, TTE transthoracic echocardiography, CT computed tomography
  2. *: p-value for comparison between patients with pre-hospital signs of IWs and others
  3. Statistical tests: a = chi-squared test; b = Fisher’s exact test