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Table 5 Anatomical characteristic of non-invasive wounds and invasive thoracic wounds.

From: Performance of pre-hospital evaluations in ruling out invasive chest stab wounds

 Thoracic IW (n=89)No thoracic IW (n=166)p
Blowing wound/SE, n (%)16(18)1(0.6)<0.01a
Hemorrhagic wound, n (%)14(16)10(6)1b
Wound size, med[IQR]2[1-3]1[1.5-3]0.81c
Wound location
 Cardiac box, n (%)50(56)112(67)0.07b
 Thoracoabdominal zone, n (%)43(52)86(52)0.59b
 Supraclavicular zone, n (%)3(3)4(2.5)0.65a
 Lateral zone, n (%)36(40)53(32)0.17b
 Posterior wound, n (%)19(21)59(36)0.03b
  1. Definition: IW= Invasive Wound; SE: Subcutaneous Emphysema; IQR=Interquartiel Range 25-75%. Statistical tests: a = Fisher's exact test; b = Chi squar test; c = Mann-Withney U-test.