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Table 3 Characteristics of patients with and without a final diagnosis of IWs

From: Performance of pre-hospital evaluations in ruling out invasive chest stab wounds

 IWSuperficial Wp**
(n = 95)(n = 58)
No pre-hospital sign of IW, n (%)25(26)34(59)< 0.01a
Correctly classified, n (%)70(74)34(59)0.05a
AIS max, med [IQR,25–75%]3[3–4]1[1–3]< 0.01b
ISS, med [IQR,25–75%]9[9–16]2[1–4]< 0.01b
Pre-hospital Pulse: first (bpm), mean[95% CI]97[92–102]99[94–104]0.52c
Pre-hospital Pulse: maximum (bpm), mean[95% CI]101[97–106]103[99–107]0.23c
Pulse at hospital admission (bpm), mean[95% CI]104[100–107]97[93–101]< 0.01c
Pre-hospital SBP: first (mmHg), mean[95% CI]115[110–120]125[119–130]0.02c
Pre-hospital SBP: minimum (mmHg), med [IQR]110[90–121]121[100–131]< 0.01b
SBP at hospital admission (mmHg), med [IQR]126[110–140]125[117–142]0.40b
Pre-hospital RR first (/min), med [IQR]20|18–25]20[16–25]0.74b
Pre-hospital RR: minimum (/min), med [IQR]20[16–21]20[18–25]0.64b
RR at hospital admission (/min), med [IQR]20[17–25]18[15–21]0.04b
Pre-hospital Hb level: first (g/L), mean[95% CI]139[136–143]144[140–148]0.13c
Pre-hospital Hb level: Min (g/L), mean[95% CI]135[131–139]139[134–144]0.1c
Hb level on admission (g/L), med [IQR]131[122–146]134[117–143]0.26b
Pulse oximetry (%): first, med [IQR]99[97–100]99[98–100]0.38b
Pulse oximetry at hospital admission (%), med [IQR]99[98–100]100[97–100]0.07b
Location of wound
 Cardiac box, n (%)60(63)41(71)0.34a
 Lateral zone, n (%)25(26)41(71)0.995a
 Thoracoabdominal zone, n (%)60(63)32(55)0.328a
 Posterior zone, n (%)19(20)18(31)0.122a
 Supraclavicular zone, n41 
Number of wounds, med [IQR]1 [1–2]1[1–2]0.5b
Extrathoracic wounds, n (%)35(37)29(50)0.11a
 Abdominal woundsa, n (%)13(17)10(14)0.55a
 Cervicofacial wounds, n (%)14(18)10(14)0.68a
 Extremity wounds, n (%)24(25)21(36)0.15a
  1. Definition: a thoracoabdominal wounds excluded; AIS Abbreviated Injury Scale, ISS Injury Severity Score, SBP Systolic Blood Pressure, RR Respiratory Rate, Hb Haemoglobin
  2. **: p-value for comparison between IWs and superficial wounds
  3. Statistical tests: b = chi-squared test;c = Mann-Witney U test; c = t test