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Table 1 Definitions from the methods section

From: Performance of pre-hospital evaluations in ruling out invasive chest stab wounds

Thoracic invasive woundInjuries beyond the chest wall muscles (diaphragm, thoracic organs, or ribs)
Abdominal invasive woundIntra-abdominal organs or diaphragm injuries
All-type invasive woundThoracic or abdominal injuries
Superficial woundNo injury beyond wall muscles
No pre-hospital sign of an invasive woundNormal vital signs, no drop in haemoglobin level, AND apparent superficial wound at physical examination performed by the MICA physician
Pre-hospital signs of invasive woundsApparent invasive wound, drop in haemoglobin level, OR cardio-respiratory dysfunction
Correctly classified woundPre-hospital suspicion of invasive wound concordant with the definitive diagnosis
Stable patientsNo organ dysfunction or drop in haemoglobin level
Cardiovascular dysfunctionPulse > 110 bpm or mean blood pressure < 60 mmHg
Respiratory dysfunctionRespiratory rate > 25/min or pulse oximetry < 95%
Life-saving surgeryA surgery performed for a potentially fatal organ injury
Overtriage [14]Rate of patients without any intervention
  1. Definition: MICA Mobile ICU Ambulance