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Table 2 Studies presented in discussion who compared results of ECLS

From: Therapeutic management of severe hypothermia with veno-arterial ECMO: where do we stand? Case report and review of the current literature

StudiesType of studyNumber of PatientsECLSSurvival with good neurological outcome (%)
Althaus et al. [8]Cases report33 CPB3 (100)
Ruttman et al. [9]Retrospective cohort5925 VA ECMO
34 CPB
9 (36)
3 (9)
Kosiński et al. [10]Retrospective cohort3131 VA ECMO16 (52)
Mair et al. [11]Retrospective cohort2222 CPB2 (9)
Pasquier et al. [12]Review of literature28685 VA ECMO
201 CPB
36 (42)
70 (35)
Saczkowski et al. [13]Review of literature658290 VA ECMO
368 CPB
144 (50)
121 (33)
  1. ECLS Extracorporeal life support, CPB cardiopulmonary bypass, VA-ECMO veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation