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Table 1 In a total of 8 studies [1] on accidental and therapeutic hypothermia, QRS- and QTc-intervals were published from patients that could be categorized into normothermia and varying degrees of hypothermia. Human values are given as mean (weighted for number of patients)

From: A novel ECG-biomarker for cardiac arrest during hypothermia

TemperatureQRS mean (sec)QTc mean (sec)QRS/QTcQTc/QRSPatients n=Included studies n=
35–37 °C0,1140,4680,2444,113715
32–35 °C0,1130,5150,2204,562825
28–32 °C0,0970,5200,1875,361564
24–28 °C0,1140,5650,2014,96202
< 24 °C0,1600,4250,3892,6621