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Table 2 Associations between male gender and ICU admission, unadjusted and adjusted OR (95% CI)

From: Impact of gender on post- traumatic intensive care and outcomes

 OR (95% CI)p-value
Unadjusted1.57 (1.43–1.72)<  0.001
Restricted modela1.45 (1.29–1.63)<  0.001
Full modelb, all patients1.35 (1.19–1.53)<  0.001
 ISS ≤ 151.68 (1.43–1.98)<  0.001
 ISS > 150.92 (0.75–1.13)0.445
  1. ICU Intensive Care Unit, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, ISS Injury Severity Score
  2. aRestricted model: adjusted for age and injury severity
  3. bFull model: in addition to the restricted model adjusted for somatic comorbidity, pre-hospital airway, penetrating injury, nocturnal admission and shock on arrival