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Table 1 Study cohort characteristics

From: National early warning score (NEWS) and the new alternative SpO2 scale during rapid response team reviews: a prospective observational study

Patient demographics
 Age (years), median (Q1,Q3)70 (60, 78)
 Gender (male)492 (56)
 CPC 1–2 before the current admission877 (99)
 Performance in daily living; lives home independently710 (80)
 Charlson comorbidity index, median (Q1,Q3)2.0 (0, 3)
 COPD73 (8.2)
 Diabetes244 (28)
 Malignancy237 (27)
 Dementia44 (5.0)
 PAD74 (8.4)
 Coronary artery disease132 (15)
Hospital admission characteristics
 Elective hospital admission258 (29)
 Days in hospital before the RRT activation median (Q1, Q3)2 (1, 5)
 Surgical diagnosis for admission519 (59)
 Preceding ICU admission during hospitalization91 (10)
 Surgery conducted 0─24 h before93 (11)
RRT review characteristics
 On-call time RRT activation233 (26)
 Reason for RRT activation
  Respiratory343 (39)
  Circulatory226 (26)
  Decreased mental status225 (25)
  Nurse worried39 (4.4)
  Other53 (6.0)
 RRT interventions
  Supplementary oxygen started or flow changed89 (10)
  HFNOT/CPAP/BiPAP started103 (12)
  Endotracheal intubation17 (1.9)
  Intravenous fluids191 (22)
  Blood products56 (6.3)
  Medications278 (31)
  Continuous vital signs’ monitoring started on ward110 (12)
 Transfer to ICU171 (19)
  ICU mortality (% of the transferred patients)17 (10)
 Transfer to PACU/OR46 (5.2)
 Transfer to emergency department53 (6.0)
 New limitations of medical treatment issued66 (7.4)
Hospital outcome
 Died134 (15)
 Discharged alive752 (85)
  CPC at discharge 1–2697 (79)
  CPC at discharge 3–455 (6.2)
  Limitations of medical treatment at discharge111 (13)
  Discharged directly to home252 (28)
  1. Data are presented as numbers (percentages) if not otherwise indicated. CPC Cerebral performance category, COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; malignancy, malignant solid tumor, lymphoma or leukemia according to the ICD-10, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (C00-C97, ICD-10), PAD Peripheral arterial disease, RRT Rapid response team, ICU Intensive care unit, HFNOT High-flow nasal oxygen therapy, CPAP Continuous positive airway pressure, BiPAP Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, PACU Post anaesthetic care unit, OR Operating room