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Table 2 Outcome of nonoperative management in the presence or absence of neurological impairment

From: Nonoperative management of splenic injury in closely monitored patients with reduced consciousness is safe and feasible

 Group I: Normal mental status GCS = 14/15 (n = 62)Group II: Altered mental status GCS ≤ 13 (n = 20)P-value
Failure of NOM740.449
ICU-stay (days)0 (0–2)8 (2–25)p < 0.001*
Length of hospital stay (days)9 (7–19)28 (13–59)0.005*
Complications (no.)18120.085
Complication severitya0 (0–2)2 (0–2)0.069
Mortality00p > 0.393
  1. All data are in median (IQR); *,p < 0.05: Mann Whitney U test/Fisher Exact test. aAccording to Clavien-Dindo-classification