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Fig. 2

From: Epinephrine during resuscitation of traumatic cardiac arrest and increased mortality: a post hoc analysis of prospective observational study

Fig. 2

Effects of in-hospital epinephrine on 7-day survival. In-hospital epinephrine use was independently associated with lower 7-day survival (odds ratio = 0.11; 95% CI = 0.01–0.85; p = 0.02) in the propensity score-matched analysis, which was conducted as a primary analysis. To confirm that the results were not dependent on the matching method, inverse probability weighting and logistic regression analyses were performed (using the propensity score as the covariate in the logistic regression analysis). * Indicates primary analysis. ** Indicates multivariate logistic regression conducted before performing the propensity score matching. Abbreviations: CI = Confidence interval

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