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Table 1 Swiss clinical staging of hypothermia

From: An evaluation of the Swiss staging model for hypothermia using hospital cases and case reports from the literature

  Brown et al., 2012 (2) Durrer et al., 2003 (1) Typical core temperature (°C)
Stage 1 Conscious, shivering Clear consciousness with shivering 35 to 32
Stage 2 Impaired consciousness, not shivering Impaired consciousness without shivering < 32 to 28
Stage 3 Unconscious, not shivering, vital signs present Unconsciousness < 28 to 24
Stage 4 No vital signs Apparent death < 24
  1. There are minor differences between the original system developed by Durrer et al. [1] and the most recent versions [2]. Each clinical stage is associated with an estimate of core body temperature