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Table 3 The thematic content of the process evaluation

From: Impact of caller’s degree-of-worry on triage response in out-of-hours telephone consultations: a randomized controlled trial

Quotes from the study Sub-themes Themes
I did not pay attention to the displayed DOW Structural problem in intervention Intervention not received
Another system was launched at the same time
It’s a forest of information on the screens Information overload
I feel that I might annoy the caller asking about their DOW Barriers towards DOW Intervention not delivered
I think we place too much responsibility on the caller with the DOW scale
By addressing something (DOW) we might leave out other questions
By using the DOW, we omit our professional approach
We already do this with our intuition DOW is intuitively recognized
We feel with our ears already
I feel the worry in the intonation, speed of communication and choice of words
I’m pretty new in the game and it helps me make the clinical decision DOW is useful in clinical decision-making Usefulness of the scale
The DOW makes an off set for the pedagogic part of the triage process
It can support my telephone consultation but just that DOW is useful
It can be used as a safety net and can be used for obtaining more information