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Table 2 Operational and medical variables, including content and completeness of each variable in Hemsfile

From: The Danish helicopter emergency medical service database: high quality data with great potential

Variable Content Completeness (%)
 Hems ID Unique number for identification of the event 100
 Type of mission Four separate report forms (patient treated and carried (RF1), patient attended to, but not carried (RF2), aborted missions (RF3), rejected missions (RF4)) and a telephone registration 100
 HEMS base Location of HEMS unit (Skive, Billund, Ringsted) 100
 Physician Name of physician on call 100
 Paramedic Name of paramedic on call 98.6
 Pilot Name of pilot on call 98.6
Dispatching region One of the five Danish regions (Capital Region, Region of Zealand, Central Denmark Region, Northern Region, Southern Region) 100
Date Date of event 100
 Time of alarm Defined as time of dispatch 100
 Airborne Defined as time of leaving the helipad at the base 97.6
 Arrival on-scene Defined as time of arrival on scene 99.9
 Departure from the scene Defined as time of helicopter take-off from the scene 99.0
 Arrival at hospital Defined as time of arrival at hospital 85.1
Patient management Thirteen options (presented in Table 3) 100
Destination Receiving university or regional hospital 100a
Island Mission to an island not connected to the mainland (yes/no) 89.1b
Reason for aborted mission Eight options (landing impossible, cancelled by RRV staff, cancelled by EMDC staff, cancelled by ambulance staff, redirected, weather, technic or other) 99.5
Reason for rejected mission Eight options (duty-time, no need, no time gain, landing impossible, weather, concurrency, technic or other) 99.7
 Civil registry number Unique 10-digit personal identifier 93.6c
 NACA score Used to assess the severity of illness/injury. Score ranges from 0 to 7 99.9
 ICD-10 Pre-hospital diagnosis based on the International
Classification of Diseases, 10th edition
 Airway management Three options (yes intubation by HEMS physician, yes intubation by RRV physician or no) 99.2
 Ultrasound examination Ultrasound examination by HEMS physician (yes/no) 98.2
 Mechanical CPR (LUCAS) Five options (yes at the scene, yes at the scene and during transfer, yes at the scene but not during transfer, yes stand-by during transfer or no) 96.2
 Intraosseous access Intraosseous access by HEMS physician (yes/no) 97.7
 Thoracic intervention Four options (yes thoracotomy, yes chest tube placement, yes thoracostomy or no) 95.8
 Blood products Red blood cells or plasma administered by HEMS physician (yes/no) 98,0
  1. Abbreviations: RRV Rapid Response Vehicle, NACA score National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics score, CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation, NA not available
  2. a Only patients carried by HEMS are included
  3. b The variable Island was added to the dataset in 2015
  4. c Per cent of valid civil registry numbers