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Table1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Prognostic value of gasping for short and long outcomes during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Author Year Country Study Design Age Location Reason of CA Bystander Male Setting Gasping Time Number of participants
Martens [12] 1995 Belgium Retrospective Adult OHCA All 71.7% Single center EMS 4757
Debaty [14] 2017 France Prospective Adult OHCA All 42.43% 62.92% Multi center EMS 1835
Wolfskeil [7] 2017 Belgium Prospective Adult OHCA All Single center During Resuscitation 290
Knor [11] 2018 Czece Retrospective Adult OHCA Cardiac 72.94% 69.02% Single center EMS 569
Fukushima [13] 2017 Japan Retrospective Adult OHCA All 55.2% 65.1% Multi center EMS 2411