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Table 7 Communication

From: Structured analysis, evaluation and report of the emergency response to a terrorist attack in Wuerzburg, Germany using a new template of standardised quality indicators

Communication Data Assesment
Was there a previously defined communication infrastructure between the rescue headquarter and the police headquarter? No Result: 0
1: present
0 not present
Which communication system was used? Radio and telephone Descriptive
Was a communication plan established before the mission started? No Result: 0
1: yes
0: no
Was the plan applied? Not applicable  
Was there a regular and structured re-evaluation of the situation for the incident commander in chief throughout the different mission phases (continuous report flux) no See lessons learned
If so, where the results recorded in a timely and structured method (mission diary/ map of incident site)? no Result: 0
1: yes
0: no
Was an infrastructure for communication between medical services, police and fire services established? no See lessons learned
Did police, medical services and fire services communicate regularly and effectively with each other? Yes: the subsection commanders
No: The incident commanders in chief
2: yes
1: partly
0: no
If so, which communication infrastructure was used? Mobile telephone Descriptive