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Table 11 Rescue Forces

From: Structured analysis, evaluation and report of the emergency response to a terrorist attack in Wuerzburg, Germany using a new template of standardised quality indicators

Rescue Forces Data Assessment
Was there an adequate casualties / operational force ratio at any point during the mission yes Result: 1
1: yes
0: no
If so, was this adequate ratio lost again at some point (too many rescue forces)? Yes, many of the rescue service forces were kept in reserve as a multisite attack was initially anticipated  
Δ t from first emergency call until adequate ratio was reached Δ t: 26 min Result: 2
2: fast
1: with delay
0: never
Were staff reservoirs built up? yes  
Was a structured replacement of the operational forces necessary? no descriptive
Were the operational forces in concrete danger at any point? yes descriptive
Were members of the operational forces injured during the mission no Result: 1
1: no
0: yes