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Table 1 Error Classifications

From: Impact of drug and equipment preparation on pre-hospital emergency Anaesthesia (PHEA) procedural time, error rate and cognitive load

Classification Definitions Examples
Error Procedural error in the preparation or use of medications or equipment with the potential to result in harm. Medication:
Syringe containing anaesthesia medication labelled incorrectly or not labelled
Incorrect medication administered
Incorrect dose administered
Sharps injury
Procedure performed not in accordance with SOP (i.e. checklist not used, bougie not used)
Lapse A failure to execute an action due to lapse in memory and a routine behaviour being omitted. Medication preparation:
Same needle used to draw up multiple medications
No syringe cap
Unsafe sharps management
Equipment preparation:
Cuff of tracheal tube not checked
Laryngoscope bulb operation not checked
No bougie