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Table 1 Injury suffered when hit by lightning. Mild injuries included closed fractures, open wounds without hemodynamically relevant bleeding, arrhythmia or paraesthesia

From: Lightning accidents in the Austrian alps – a 10-year retrospective nationwide analysis

  Uninjured Mildly injured Severly injured Dead Unknown
Acute stress reaction 3 6    
Cardiovascular disorder   13 2 3  
Cardiovascular disorder and TBI    1   
Cardiovascular disorder and TBI, open wound head    1   
Burn injury, whole body   1    
Burn injury, shoulder   3    
Burn injury, upper arm   1    
Burn injury, forearm   1    
Burn injury, foot   2    
Burn injury ankle joint, multiple lacerations lower leg    1   
Injury not further specified, forearm   4    
Injury not further specified, hand   1    
Open wound, head   2    
Open wound, lower leg (due to crampon)   1    
Fracture, shoulder    1   
Fracture, lower leg   1    
Paresthesia lower arm, vertigo   1    
Parethesia not further defined   1    
Unknown injury pattern, not further specified by emergency service on scene 4 6 1 1 2
  7 44 7 4 2
  1. Severe injuries included traumatic brain injury, open fractures and impairment of the cardiovascular system up to the extent of cardiac arrest