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Table 2 List of included mnemonics

From: Critcomms: a national cross-sectional questionnaire based study to investigate prehospital handover practices between ambulance clinicians and specialist prehospital teams in Scotland

Mnemonic Breakdown
ASHICE Age, Sex, History, Injuries, Condition, Expected Time of Arrival
DeMIST DeMIST – Patient Demographics, Injuries Sustained, Symptoms and Signs, Treatments given
MIST Mechanism of Injury, Injuries Sustained or suspected, Signs – vital signs, Treatments initiated (and timing)
SBAR Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations
IMIST AMBO Identification, Mechanism/Medical complaint, Injuries/Relevant info, Signs (vital), Treatment and Trends, Allergies, Medication, Background History, Other info
ATMIST Age [inc. name], Time of onset, Medical Complaint/History or Mechanism, Investigations/Injuries, Signs, Treatment
De MIST Patient Demographics, Mechanism, Injuries sustained or expected, Signs – vital signs, Treatment
SOAP Subjective information, Objective Information, Assessment, Pain