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Table 1 Key areas of questioning with scales/unit of measurement

From: Critcomms: a national cross-sectional questionnaire based study to investigate prehospital handover practices between ambulance clinicians and specialist prehospital teams in Scotland

Question/statement Scale/Unit of measurement
• Perceived effectiveness of handover 1 – not at all effective to 5 - very effective
• Confidence that you have provided all essential information during handover 1 – not at all confident to 5 – very confident
• Confidence that you have received all essential information during handover
• Importance of patient involvement in handover process 1- not important to 5 – very important
• Importance of a structured handover
• Importance on mutually agreeing a handover time and location
• Perceived essential variables for handover List of variables
• Recording and delivery of information
• Preferred mnemonic for prehospital handover
• How professional acknowledges receipt of information
• Acknowledging receipt of information 1 – never to 5 – always
• How often the patient is involved in the handover process
• Barriers to effective handover
• Repeating information during handover
• Barriers to effective handover (how often they impact)
• Difficulty in finding time to prepare and deliver handover 1 – very difficult to 5 – very easy
• Timing of handover Time in minutes