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Table 1 ERTTAC* used for adult patients with suspected severe trauma

From: Simple modification of trauma mechanism alarm criteria published for the TraumaNetwork DGU® may significantly improve overtriage – a cross sectional study

1) admission from external hospital
2) injury mechanism 3) anatomic criteria 4) physiological criteria
proximal gunshot/stab wound open thoracic injury intubation
pedestrian vs. vehicle unstable thorax injury respiratory deficiency
passenger in vehicle: velocity ≥ 50 km/h or car body deformation ≥ 50 cm severe abdominal injury respiratory frequency < 10 or > 30/min
ejection from a vehicle unstable pelvis fracture SaO2 < 90%
death of a vehicle passenger proximal amputation systolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg
collision with rail vehicle proximal vessel injury GCS < 14
fall from ≥ 3 m > 1 long bone fracture  
explosion moderate/severe head injury  
  1. Emergency room trauma team activation criteria, ERTTAC; Glasgow Coma Scale, GCS; blood pressure RR; oxygen saturation SaO2; *as published for the TraumaNetwork DGU® [7]