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Table 1 Overview of core and supplemental USFD parameters

From: Review of 14 drowning publications based on the Utstein style for drowning

  USFD parameters Core/Supplemental
Victim Information Victim identifier Core
Gender Core
Age Core
Race or Ethnic category Supplemental
Date and time of day of incident Core
Residence Supplemental
Precipitating event Core
Preexisting illness Supplemental
Scene information Witnessed Core
Body of water Core
Water/liquid type Supplemental
Approximate water temperature Supplemental
Time of submersion Supplemental
Time of removal of victim from water Supplemental
Unconscious when removed from water Core
Cyanosis Supplemental
Resuscitation before EMS arrived Core
Method of CPR Supplemental
EMS called Core
EMS vehicle dispatched Supplemental
Time of first EMS assessment Supplemental
Initial vital signs Core
Oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure, pupillary reaction Supplemental
Time of first EMS resuscitation attempt Core
Neurological status Core
Emergency Department Evaluation and Treatment Vital signs Core
Oxygen hemoglobin saturation Core
Arterial blood gas analysis, if unconscious or SaO2 < 95% on room air Core
Initial neurological status Core
Pupillary reaction Supplemental
Airway and ventilation requirements Core
Toxicology testing Supplemental
Hospital Course Airway and ventilation requirements Core
Serial neurological function (admission, 6 h, 24 h, 72 h, discharge) Supplemental
Complicating illnesses Supplemental
Disposition Alive or dead Core
Date of hospital discharge Core
Neurological outcome at hospital discharge Core
Quality of life Supplemental
Cause of death Supplemental
Other injuries and morbidities Supplemental