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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of acutely admitted medical patients at the index admission

From: suPAR is associated with risk of future acute surgery and post-operative mortality in acutely admitted medical patients

Characteristics Patients (n = 17,312)
Male sex, n (%) 8118 (47)
Age (years), median (IQR) 61.3 (43.3–76.3)
CRP (mg/l), median (IQR) 5 (1–31)
suPAR (ng/ml), median (IQR) 2.8 (1.9–4.3)
Charlson score, median (IQR) 0 (0–1)
  1. CRP C-reactive protein, IQR interquartile range, suPAR soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor