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Table 1 Explanatory variables used in the prediction modelling

From: Patient and case characteristics associated with ‘no paramedic treatment’ for low-acuity cases referred for emergency ambulance dispatch following a secondary telephone triage: a retrospective cohort study

Variable name Reference category
Age 55–59 year olds (selected because it contained the mean age for the cases included in this study)
Gender Males
Income status The ‘above’ category
Qualification ALS paramedics (because they triaged the largest volume of cases)
Pain level Mild
Time of day Day shift
Triage guideline groups Given the outcome variable involved the presence or absence of ALS paramedic treatment, the category with the most similar paramedic treatment rate to all Victorian emergency ambulance cases (55.5%) was chosen to compare with the triage guideline groups – the urinary symptoms group (paramedic treatment rate of 55.2%)