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Table 4 Final assessment instrument items for Foreign Body Airway Obstruction Management

From: What should be included in the assessment of laypersons’ paediatric basic life support skills? Results from a Delphi consensus study

Foreign Body Airway Obstruction management
Item Description
Identify different stages of foreign body airway obstruction Distinguish effective and ineffective cough
Identify consciousness Recognize unresponsiveness
Call for help Recognize need for help and alert surroundings
Back blows Provide high quality back blows with adequate force and correct place of impact
Chest thrusts /abdominal thrusts according to age Provide high quality chest thrust or abdominal thrust according to age
Identify loss of consciousness and change to CPR Recognize changes in condition and act appropriately
Assessment of breathing Assess breathing and recognize respiratory arrest or abnormal breathing requiring ventilator support
Ventilation Provide high quality ventilations if patient stops breathing with adequate chest rise
  1. The table summarises the Foreign Body Airway Obstruction Management consensus items that met the consensus level for inclusion in the final instrument to assess laypersons skills after the third round. Description wordings have been aligned to ease the use. Content has not been changed