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Table 3 Final assessment instrument items for Paediatric Basic Life Support

From: What should be included in the assessment of laypersons’ paediatric basic life support skills? Results from a Delphi consensus study

Paediatric Basic Life Support
Item Description
Responsiveness Recognise unresponsiveness
Call for help Recognize need for help and alert surroundings both by loud verbal call out and using telephone
Open airway Establish open airways including mouth inspection, appropriate head and jaw positioning
Check breathing Assess breathing and recognize respiratory arrest or abnormal breathing
Rescue breaths Provide high quality initial rescue breaths
Compressions Provide high quality compressions. Adequate rate, compression depth and correct hand placement
Ventilations Provide high quality ventilations in general during CPR with adequate chest rise
Time factor Act effectively with minimised hands off time, no delays in treatment and fast call for help
Use of AED Call for Automatic External defibrillator and appropriate use
  1. The table summarizes the Paediatric Basic Life Support consensus items that fulfilled the consensus criteria for inclusion in the final instrument to assess laypersons’ skills after the third round. Description wordings have been aligned to ease the use. Content has not been changed