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Table 1 Criteria for Class I trauma activation

From: The impact of early thromboelastography directed therapy in trauma resuscitation

·Glasgow Coma Scale ≤8 with mechanism attributed to trauma
·Systolic blood pressure < 90 at any time in the prehospital or hospital setting
·Respiratory rate < 10 or >29 with respiratory compromise and/or inhalation injury in need of emergent intubation
·Any intubated patient with mechanism attributed to trauma
·Gun-shot wounds to head, neck, chest, abdomen, back or buttocks
·Penetrating injuries to extremities proximal to the elbow or knee
·Stab wounds to the head, neck, cardiac box, torso, or back
·Transfer in from outside hospital receiving/received blood to maintain vital signs
·All transfers in from outside hospital (meeting class I criteria
·Electric burn with cardiac dysrhythmia or significant tissue damage
·Emergency physicians discretion when full trauma team is needed