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Table 1 List of ICD-10 codes and their definitions used to define TSCI

From: Mortality due to traumatic spinal cord injuries in Europe: a cross-sectional and pooled analysis of population-wide data from 22 countries

Codes used to define fatalities due to TSCI
ICD-10 Code ICD-10 Definition
S14.0 Concussion and oedema of cervical spinal cord
S14.1 Other and unspecified injuries of cervical spinal cord
S14.2 Injury of nerve root of cervical spine
S24.0 Concussion and oedema of thoracic spinal cord
S24.1 Other and unspecified injuries of thoracic spinal cord
S24.2 Injury of nerve root of thoracic spine
S34.0 Concussion and oedema of lumbar spinal cord
S34.1 Other injury of lumbar spinal cord
S34.2 Injury of nerve root of lumbar and sacral spine
S12.0 Fracture of first cervical vertebra
S12.1 Fracture of second cervical vertebra
S12.2 Fracture of other specified cervical vertebra
S12.7 Multiple fractures of cervical spine
S22.0 Fracture of thoracic vertebra
S22.1 Multiple fractures of thoracic spine
S32.0 Fracture of lumbar vertebra
S32.1 Fracture of sacrum
S32.7 Multiple fractures of lumbar spine and pelvis
T91.3 Sequelae of injury of spinal cord