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Table 2 Codes and themes derived from complete coding

From: Under-triage in telephone consultation is related to non-normative symptom description and interpersonal communication: a mixed methods study

 Call-handler response Clarifying history of problem
Acknowledging caller experience
Individualized communication
Providing advice in blocks
Empowering caller
Educating caller
Agreement of plan
The professional communication
Condescending, irritated, patronizing communication
Ignoring patient perspective, minimizing magnitude of problem
The non-professional role
Lack of control with conversation
Providing unclear advice
Disagreeing with caller
Non-individualized communication
Unable to collaborate with caller
The non-professional Communication
Gate keeper
Fixation error
Uncharacteristic problem
Lack of agreement on problem, urgency and plan
The difficult decision making
 Caller response Clear description of problem
Clear description of temporal progression of problem
Self-evaluation of problem
Agreement of plan
The constructive caller
Vague and/or lengthy description of actual problem
Cerebrally impaired
Time line
Talking down symptoms
The complicated caller
Lacking problem solving/self-care before calling
Contradictive information (+vocal appearance)
The un-constructive caller
Caller under the influence
Caller is very emotional
The caller is inebriated/intoxicated
Calling during GP office hours
Unrealistic expectations
The caller has unrealistic expectations of outcome
Caller is not patient, caller is not with patient Proximity to patient (physical/relative)