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Table 1 Characteristics of the study participants

From: Effect of an interactive cardiopulmonary resuscitation assist device with an automated external defibrillator synchronised with a ventilator on the CPR performance of emergency medical service staff: a randomised simulation study

Number of participants analysed 106
Duration of each CPR simulation session (min) 8.2 (±0.4)
Female gender 29 (26%)
Age (yrs) 26 (±7.1)
Professional experience as EMS staff member (yrs) 4.0 (±5.8)
Cumulative number of CPR trainings of both team members within the last five years 8.4 (±3.9)
Paramedic 28 (25%)
EMT in vocational training to become paramedic 63 (56%)
EMT not in vocational training to become paramedic 21 (19%)
  1. The data are presented as means (standard deviation) for continuous data and numbers (%) for categorical data
  2. EMS emergency medical service; EMT emergency medical technician