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Table 2 System-specific quality indicators for physician-staffed emergency medical services

From: Developing quality indicators for physician-staffed emergency medical services: a consensus process

# Quality indicator Type of quality indicator Quality dimension
16 Is the dispatch center staffed 24/7 by specially trained pre-hospital physician? Structure Effectiveness
17 What is the number of P-EMS units per 100 000 inhabitants in the service area? Structure Equity
18 What is the number of P-EMS units per km2 in the area covered by the service? Structure Equity
19 Does the service regularly perform interfacility transports coordinated by a dispatch centre? Structure Effectiveness
20 What level of regular in-hospital service do the P-EMS doctors practice in addition to their pre-hospital work? Structure Effectiveness
21 Proportion of P-EMS doctors with achieved speciality in: 1; anesthesiology 2; emergency medicine 3; other specialities. Structure Effectiveness
22 Proportion of P-EMS doctors who have attended and passed formalized training in major incident management. Structure Efficiency
23 Proportion of P-EMS doctors’ assistants with the following qualification: Paramedic or nurse with supplemental regular training in assisting during induction of general anesthesia and/or formal education in anesthesia or intensive care. Structure Safety
24 Does the P-EMS service collect data pertaining to patient satisfaction? Structure Patient- centeredness
25 What is the number of documented complaints from patients, relatives or receiving hospitals per total number of P-EMS events (ratio)? Outcome Patient- centeredness
26 Does it exist a system for registration and reviewing of adverse events, critical incidents and educational events in the service? Structure Safety