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Table 1 Staging of accidental hypothermia [73]

From: Accidental hypothermia–an update

Stage Clinical findings Core temperature (°C) (if available)
Hypothermia I (mild) Conscious, shiveringa 35–32 °C
Hypothermia II (moderate) Impaired consciousnessa; may or may not be shivering <32–28 °C
Hypothermia III (severe) Unconsciousa; vital signs present <28 °C
Hypothermia IV (severe) Apparent death; Vital signs absent Variableb
  1. aShivering and consciousness may be impaired by comorbid illness (i.e. trauma, CNS pathology, toxic ingestion, etc.) or drugs (i.e. sedatives, muscle relaxants, narcotics etc.) independent of core temperature
  2. The lowest temperature from which successful resuscitation and rewarming has been achieved is currently 13.7 °C [11] for accidental hypothermia and 9 °C for induced hypothermia [12]. This does not preclude resuscitation attempts at even lower temperatures if clinical judgment suggests the possibility of successful resuscitation
  3. bThe risk of cardiac arrest increases below 32 °C, but as it is unlikely to be due solely to hypothermia until the temperature is <28 °C, alternative causes should be considered. Some patients still have vital signs <24 °C and the lowest reported temperature of a patient with vital signs is 17 °C [232, 233]