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Table 5 Performance of the trauma team activation protocol during 2013–2014 at the University Hospital of North Norway Tromsø assessed with the occurrence of emergency procedure

From: Evaluation of a trauma team activation protocol revision: a prospective cohort study

  Number of patients Number of patients with emergency procedure Correct triage (TTAa and emergency procedure) Undertriage (no TTAa and emergency procedure) Overtriage (TTAa and no emergency procedure)
Primarily admitted patients 250 46 (18 %) 85 % (39/46) 15 % (7/46) 83 % (188/227)
Transferred patients 74 46 (62 %) 83 % (38/46) 17 % (8/46) 38 % (28/74)
  1. Emergency procedures include damage control thoracotomy, damage control laparotomy, packing of the pelvis, revascularization of a limb, intervention radiology, craniotomy, insertion of intracranial pressure monitor, thoracostomy, external fixation of fractures for hemostasis, endotracheal intubation and other surgical procedures that aimed at stabilizing airways, respiration and circulation
  2. TTAa: trauma team activation