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Table 1 The standardised clinical set data gathered on the observational charts

From: Outpatient treatment of acute poisoning by substances of abuse: a prospective observational cohort study

Date of birth  
Date and time of presentation  
Who brought the patient?  
From where was the patient brought?  
Substances of abuse taken  
 Time when taken  
 Quantity taken  
What has happened? (free text)  
Previous medical history  
 Seizures (yes/no)  
 Diabetes (yes/no)  
 Serious psychiatric disorder (yes/no)  
 Known substance use (alcohol/opioids/other/none)  
Clinical status at presentation  
 Respiratory rate  
 Heart rate  
 Blood pressure  
 Blood glucose level  
 Track marks (yes/no)  
 External signs of injury (yes/no)  
 Nystagmus (yes/no)  
 Plantar reflexes (down/inverted)  
 Pupil size (large/small/normal)  
Other information (free text)  
During observation time (fields provided for repeated observations)  
 Glasgow Coma Scale score  
 Pupil reaction to light (+/+)  
 Respiratory rate  
 Symmetric movement of arms and legs  
Medication given  
 In ambulance  
 At the casualty clinic  
  1. The clinical assessment of acute poisoning by substances of abuse at the Oslo Accident and Emergency Outpatient Clinic is based on standardised minimum clinical data gathered on a pre-set observational chart