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Table 1 Description of EMS in Finland and airway devices used for OHCA patients

From: Airway management in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Finland: current practices and outcomes

Tier Staff Background/education Airway technique in OHCA
First tier • First responders
• Basic-EMT
• Formal training for SAD use, not necessarily with healthcare educational background
• Firefighter-EMT
• Practical nurse in prehosital emergency care
• SAD in eastern part of Finland
• SAD/ETI in southern part of Finland
Second tier • Advanced level • Registered nurse (bachelor) in emergency care • ETI/SAD
Third tier • EMS physicians • >90 % anaesthesiologists or residents in anaesthesiology • ETI
  1. OHCA out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, SAD supraglottic airway device, ETI endotracheal intubation, EMS emergency medical service, EMT emergency medical technicians