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Table 1 Theoretical Domains Framework (Adapted from Cane et al. 2012)

From: What helps or hinders the transformation from a major tertiary center to a major trauma center? Identifying barriers and enablers using the Theoretical Domains Framework

Domain Content Sample question as applied to this study
Knowledge An awareness of something In general, how would you describe a major trauma center?
Skills Ability or proficiency acquired through practice In general, to what extent do you feel you have the necessary skills or training to contribute to major trauma care?
Social/professional role and identity Set of behaviors and qualities of an individual in social or work setting To what extent do you see providing major trauma care as a part of your role?
Beliefs about capabilities Views about one’s ability/talent/capability to perform the target behavior (s) How easy or difficult do you find providing major trauma care?
Optimism Confidence that things will happen for the best or that desired goals will be attained To what extent do you feel this hospital is ready for the transition to a trauma centre?
Beliefs about consequences Acceptance of the truth, reality or validity about outcomes of a behavior in a given situation To what extent do you think the benefits of being a major trauma center outweigh the costs involved in becoming one?
Reinforcement Increasing the likelihood of a behavior being performed by establishing an association between performing a behavior and a given stimulus or cue Are you aware of any ways in which becoming a major trauma center is encouraged or rewarded?
Intentions Conscious decision to perform a behavior or resolve to act in a certain way Other than the potential transition to major trauma center, are there any changes you are currently planning to make to either you or the hospital’s practice in major trauma care?
Motivation and Goals Mental representation of outcomes or states that an individual wants to achieve Are you aware of any goals that have been set for the changing of this hospital into a major trauma center?
Memory, attention and decision processes The ability to retain information, focus selectively on aspects of the environment and choose between two or more alternatives Compared with other tasks you have to do in your role, where would you rank contributing towards this hospital’s transition into a major trauma center in terms of priority?
Environmental context and resources Circumstances of a person’s situation/environment that affect behavior In general, What resources do you think are required for you in your role to specifically provide major trauma care effectively?
Social influences Interpersonal processes that can cause individuals to change thoughts/feelings/behaviors To what extent would you say your general views of major trauma centers are shared by your colleagues in this hospital?
Emotions Complex reaction pattern by which individual attempts to deal with a personally significant matter or event Overall, How do you feel about this hospital becoming a major trauma center?
Behavioral regulation Anything aimed at managing or changing objectively observed or measured actions How do you and/or your colleagues/team monitor the major trauma care you provide?