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Table 4 ICD-10 codes identifying infections

From: Increasing incidence of hypotension in the emergency department; a 12 year population-based cohort study

Site of infection ICD-10 discharge diagnosis
Central nervous system A39.0, A39.2A, A86.9, A87.0, A87.9, B00.3, B00.4, B02.0, B02.2, B02.2A, B02.2B, B91.9, G00.1, G00.8, G00.9, G00.9A, G01.9, G04.0, G04.2, G06.0, G06.0 F, G06.2, G07.9
Lower respiratory tract Pneumonia: A31.0A, A48.1, B37.1, J12.0, J13.9, J14.9, J15,J15.0, J15.1, J15.2, J15.4, J15.5, J15.7, J15.8, J15.9, J17.0, J17.8C, J18, J18.0, J18.1, J18.8, J18.9, J20.9, J20.9A, J21.9, J22.9, J69.0, J69.8, J69.8A
Other: A15.0, A15.1, A15.2, A15.9, B90.9, J40.9, J44.0, J85.1, J85.2, J86.0, J86.9
Urinary tract A41.9B, N10.9, N12.9, N13.6, N30.0, N30.8, N30.9, N39.0, N39.0B
Abdominal A00.9, A01.1, A02.0, A03.8, A04.3, A04.5, A04.7, A04.8, A04.9, A05.9, A08.0, A08.1, A08.2, A08.3, A08.4, A08.5, A09, A09.9, B67.0, K35.0, K35.0A, K35.1, K35.1A, K35.9, K57.2B, K57.3, K57.3A, K57.3B, K57.3 F, K57.9A, K65.0,K65.0A, K65.0G, K65.0 J, K65.8, K65.8I, K65.9, K75.0, K80.3, K80.4, K81.0, K81.9, K83.0
Cardiovascular I30.0, I30.1, I30.8, I30.9, I33.0, I33.9, I38.9, I39.8
Skin, muscles, bones A46.9, B00.1A,B00.1B, B37.2, K61.0, K61.0A, K61.1, K61.2, L02.2, L02.2 T, L02.4, L02.4 F, L02.4 K, L02.9, L02.9A, L03.1, L03.1E, L03.3, L08.8, L08.9, M00.0, M00.2, M00.2A, M00.8, M00.9, M46.3, M46.4, M46.5, M46.5A, M46.9, M71.1, M86.1, M86.8, M86.9
Viral/systemic A51.5, A79.9, B00.1, B05.9, B20.4, B20.6, B20.8, B23.0, B23.2, B24.9, B25.8, B25.9, B27.0, B27.9, B50.9, B52.9, B54.9, B55.0, B58.9, J09.1, J09.9, J10.0, J10.8, J11, J11.0, J11.1, J11.8
Unknown A40.1, A40.3, A40.8, A40.9, A41.0, A41.1, A41.1A, A41.2, A41.3, A41.4, A41.5, A41.8, A41.9, A49.9A, B37.7, A32.9, A41.9A, A42.9, A44.9, A48.2, A49.0, A49.1, A49.3, A49.8, A49.9, A68.9, A70.9, A81.2, B00.8, B02.9, B34.0, B34.9, B36.9, B37.0, B37.8, B80.9, B89.9, B95.5, B95.6, B95.6A, B96.4, B96.5, B96.8, B99.9, R50, R50.0, R50.8, R50.9, T81.4D, T84.6, T89.9
Other sites of infection B00.2A, B02.3G, B37.3A, B37.4, B37.8C, E06.0, E06.1, H65.1, H66.0, H66.9, J00.9B, J01.0, J01.1, J01.2, J01.8, J01.9, J02.0, J02.9, J02.9B, J03.0, J03.9, J03.9A, J04.0, J05.1, J06.9, J36.9, J39.0C, K04.0A, K05.3A, K10.2C, K11.2C, K12.1, K62.8 L, N41.2, N45.0B, N45.9, N45.9A, N76.4A, O86.8