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Table 5 Suggestions of research questions to be addressed

From: A national research agenda for pre-hospital emergency medical services in the Netherlands: a Delphi-study

Research topic Suggestions of research questions to be addressed (collected in Delphi round II, III)
Non-conveyance – How many times does non-transport occur?
– What are patient characteristics of this group?
– Was it the right decision not to transport the patient to the hospital afterwards (morbidity/mortality rates)?
Performance measures for quality of care – What is the quality of ambulance care in the Netherlands – and is there regional variation?
Hand over/registration/exchange of patient data – What patient information should be registered uniformly nationwide?
– What is the most effective way to handover patient data and information from ambulance to hospital?
Care and task substitution (MANP & PA) – What tasks can a MANP and PA carry out in the EMS field?
– What are the effects of care/task substitution on quality of care and costs?
Triage – What are the effects of different triage tools (such as NTS and ProQa)?
Assessment of acute neurologic signs & symptoms – Can ambulance nurses effectively assess acute neurologic signs and symptoms in order to start thrombolytic-treatment earlier?
Protocols and protocol adherence – To what extent do EMS professionals adhere to protocols?
– When do professionals deviate from protocol, and why?
Immobilisation – When and how to immobilise patients in pre-hospital setting?
– How to determine which patients should be immobilised?
Open/secure airway (e.g. intubation) – What is the effectiveness of different devices for intubation?
– What is the most effective device for open/secure airway in children?