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Table 1 The five categories of DEPT triage

From: The formation and design of the TRIAGE study - baseline data on 6005 consecutive patients admitted to hospital from the emergency department

Rescuscitation Emergent Urgent Non-urgent Non-urgent
Life threatened Critical illness Potentially unstable Stable Unaffected
Constant re-evaluation Re-evaluation every 15 min. Re-evaluation every 60 min. Re-evaluation every 180 min. Re-evaluation every 240 min.
Acute Team Physician and Nurse Nurse → physician* Nurse → Physician* Nurse or physician
  1. DEPT (Danish Emergency Process) Triage: Each patient is assigned a triage level for each of the two main descriptors: 1) Vital signs and 2) presenting complaint. The nurse performing triage can increase a patients triage level if she believes the patient is more ill than what is determined by DEPT [19]. *Patients are seen by a physician, but the evaluation can be made by a nurse initially