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Table 1 Table showing the six patients presented in this series. All patients were male

From: The Libyan civil conflict: selected case series of orthopaedic trauma managed in Malta in 2014

Case Age Aetiology Bone injuries Associated injuries
1 40 IED, blast injury Left subtrochanteric femoral fracture, right open ankle fracture, missing calcaneum (Gustilo-Anderson type IIIC) Posterior parietal soft tissue contusion, right lower limb traumatic vascular dysfunction, sepsis
2 50 IED and GSW Right open elbow fracture (Gustilo-Anderson type IIIB), left open comminuted mid-shaft humeral fracture (Gustilo-Anderson type IIIC) Brachial and ulnar artery erosion, multiple metallic foreign bodies
3 32 GSW/RPG Left comminuted proximal femur fracture (Gustilo-Anderson type IIIA), right open tibia/fibular fracture (Gustilo-Anderson type IIIB), right superior and inferior pubic rami fracture, T12 vertebral body fracture Neurological compromise left leg with sciatic nerve palsy, bilateral lung contusion
4 22 Direct GSW Right comminuted open knee complex fracture (Gustilo-Anderson type IIIB) Neurological status right leg impaired, but vascular status leg intact
5 26 IED/Car bomb T5 metal foreign body, right scapular and rib fracture Paraplegia, left pneumothorax, multiple metallic foreign bodies, Deep venous thrombosis left leg
6 27 Above ground explosive blast Right lateral four ray traumatic amputation, extensive soft tissue loss lateral aspect of leg Loss of sensation along superficial peroneal nerve distribution. No other significant injuries
  1. Age, primary injuries and associated injuries are tabulated here