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Table 1 Contents of the questionnaire

From: Monitoring of in-hospital cardiac arrest events with the focus on Automated External Defibrillators – a retrospective observational study

How was the emergency detected?  
 Detected by patients monitor?  
CPR interruption in order to call the MET?  
Take Over FRT/MET  
 Continuation of CPR?  
 Continuation of AED-use?  
 Change to full-scale-defibrillator?  
 Change of AED electrode-paddles?  
 Transfer to ICU under CPR  
 Death on scene  
User satisfaction with the AED (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))?  
 General Handling (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))  
 Quality of the online feed back system (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))  
 General value of the AED in the CPR-setting (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))  
User satisfaction with the emergency trolley (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))?  
 Equipement (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))  
 Clarity (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))  
 Accesability (Grades 1–6 (1 = best))  
  1. MET Medical Emergency Team, FRT First Responder Team, ROSC Return of Spontaneous Circulation, AED Automated External Defibrillator, ICU Intensive Care Unit, CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation