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Fig. 4

From: Effect of regulating airway pressure on intrathoracic pressure and vital organ perfusion pressure during cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a non-randomized interventional cross-over study

Fig. 4

Pra (Right atrial pressure) with each intervention. a. Pra mean; b. Pra decompression; c. Transmural Pra mean (Pra mean tm); d. Transmural Pra decompression (Pra decompression tm). Error bar represents SEM. * denotes p < 0.05 for STD vs. (ACD, ACD ITD, ACD ITPR). + denotes p < 0.05 for ACD vs. (ACD ITD, ACD ITPR). § denotes p < 0.05 for ACD-ITD vs. ACD-ITPR.. P values for linear trend were all < 0.05 except in A.STD, standard; ACD, active compression decompression, ITD, impedance threshold device; ITPR, intrathoracic pressure regulator

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