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Table 1 The MEDLINE search strategy

From: Does turning trauma patients with an unstable spinal injury from the supine to a lateral position increase the risk of neurological deterioration? – A systematic review

1 Spinal Cord Injuries/
2 Exp Back Injuries/
3 cervical vertebrae/in or lumbar vertebrae/in or thoracic vertebrae/in
4 (myelopath* adj2 (trauma* or post-trauma*)).tw.
5 ((spinal or spine* or back) adj2 (contusion* or injury or injuries or trauma* or laceration* or transection*)).tw.
6 cervical vertebrae/ or lumbar vertebrae/ or thoracic vertebrae/
7 ((cervical or lumbar or lumbalis or thoracic or thoracal or thoracolumbar or neck or cervicodorsal) adj2 (spine or spinal or backbone or column or vertebra* or canal)).tw.
8 “Wounds and Injuries”/
9 (wound* or injur* or trauma*).tw.
10 (6 or 7) and (8 or 9)
11 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 10
12 Patient positioning/
13 (patient* adj2 position*).tw.
14 Transportation of patients/
15 (patient* adj2 (transport* or maneuver* or moving or transfer*)).tw.
16 Exp Immobilization/
17 Immobili?ation*.tw.
18 ((recovery or lateral) adj2 (posture* or position*)).tw.
20 Log roll*.tw.
21 Haines*.tw.
22 (high adj arm*).tw.
25 or/12-24
26 11 and 25
27 Trauma severity indices/ or injury severity score/
28 “Severity of Illness Index”/
29 ((rating or asia or injur* or trauma*) adj2 (score* or scale or severit*)).tw.
30 Motion/ or rotation/
31 Range of Motion, Articular/
32 (rotation or motion or (axis adj chang*) or (translat* adj4 (lateral or ap))).tw.
33 or/27-32
34 26 and 33