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Table 1 Overview of reports submitted to All full-text reports are freely accessible in full-text at:

From: Implementing a template for major incident reporting: experiences from the first year

Reporter Incident title Summary Example of a major lessons learned
Dr. Sollid HEMS physician Norway Utøya shootings • 21 July 2011 • On-going shooting caused delayed access to EMS. Therefore need for a better system for cooperating with police in incidents with on-going shooting.
• Terrorist attack on youth at a political summer camp on the Island of Utøya.
Dr. Hardy A&E doctor United Kingdom Sheppey Crossing Bridge Road Traffic Accident • 5 September 2013 • Successful triage performed by highly skilled paramedics avoided unnecessary patients being sent to hospital.
• Road traffic accident involving 150 cars and 200 people occurred on the Sheppey Crossing Bridge in Kent.
Dr. Cortes Picazo. Director of EMS Chile Prison Fire in Santiago de Chile • 8 December 2010 • Avoid overcrowding in prisons.
• Fire in Prison of San Miguel with 1900 inmates and guards inside.
• Most of the victims died of inhalation of smoke or toxic gases and burns.
Dr. Jama Medical Director of EMS Finland School shooting in Jokela • 7 November 2011 • Need for better communication between EMS and police. EMS was not allowed into the building as the shooter was still inside during the response phase.
• Student opened fire on school premises and killed eight people.
Dr. Iversen HEMS physician Norway Buss roll over in Skaidi • 19 November 2011 • As a strike of luck the first ambulance on-scene had the same triage system as the HEMS. Since the time this incident occurred a national standard for triage has been implemented in Norway.
• Buss carrying 23 persons rolled over in Skaidi; a cottage area in mountainous inland of Finnmark County.