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Table 4 Studies reporting Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI)

From: Is the supine position associated with loss of airway patency in unconscious trauma patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Study (Year) Patients Study details Results Favors lateral Notes
Adults with cervical spine cord injury (CSCI)    
McEvoy et al. [42] (1995) Australia 42 adults with existing CSCI (46% of the identified candidates in a region) Observational sleep study of RDI in supine vs. other sleeping positions. RDI (events/h), mean: + p < 0.0005
Non-supine sleeping positions: 15.3 No data for lateral position per se.
Supine position: 23.6  
Children with possible obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)    
Pereira et al. [44] (2005) USA 60 children (under 3 years), referred because of possible OSA Observational data from previous sleep study. RDI (events/h), mean: + p = 0.02
Non-supine sleeping positions: 7.2 No data for lateral position per se.
Supine position: 18.5
Adults with stroke    
Turkington et al. [43] (2002) UK 120 stroke patients investigated more than 72 h after onset Observational study of RDI in different sleeping positions. RDI (events/h), mean: + p < 0.0001
Left lateral position: 14; Right lateral: 12   Numbers for left and right lateral are not reported in text or table, but estimated from figure.
Supine: 29