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Table 2 pros and cons of double lumen cannula and femoro-jugular cannulation

From: The use of double lumen cannula for veno-venous ECMO in trauma patients with ARDS

Veno-venous ECMO
femoral-jugular cannulation double lumen cannula
High blood flow 6–7 L/min possible, No fluoroscopy needed for cannulation, Bedside cannulation possible, Heparin free run possible, Suitable for patients with high risk of bleeding More comfortable for awake patients, Less or no sedation and less pain medication necessary, Fully mobilization, sitting and walking possible
Risk of femoral cannula kinking during mobilization, Less comfortable for patients, More pain medication, eventually sedation necessary Fluoroscopy recommended for cannulation, less risk of malposition, bed-side cannulation with high risk with echocardiography possible, pTT 50–60 s needed, not suitable for bleeding patients, patients with severe brain injury or high bleeding risk patients, maximal blood flow about 5 L/min with 31 F cannula