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Table 2 List of relevant themes for the steering committee meeting

From: Protocol of the DENIM study: a Delphi-procedure on the identification of trauma patients in need of care by physician-staffed Mobile Medical Teams in the Netherlands

Themes prior to SC meeting Additional topics after SC meeting
1. Responsibility 1. What is a poly trauma patient
2. SitRap/MIST 2. Vital parameters/physiology
3. Expertise/Exposure 3. Patient characteristics
4. Logistics 4. Mechanism of trauma
5. Soft skills 5. Practical feasibility
6. Literature 6. Current dispatch criteria
7. Reason of dispatch 7. Communication
8. Regional differences 8. Surgical interventions
9. Prehospital judgment of o.a. consciousness  
10. Advance analgesia  
11. Function of the MMT  
12. Overview of integrated care  
13. On-scene-time  
  1. SC: steering committee.