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Table 2 Functional outcome of patients alive six months after cardiac arrest (N = 57)

From: Functional outcome, cognition and quality of life after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and therapeutic hypothermia: data from a randomized controlled trial

Lives at home 52 (91%)
Lives with family 46 (81%)
Lives alone 6 (11%)
Receives some help from family members 8 (15%)
Receives some help from social home-care system* 1 (2%)
Institutional care 5 (9%)
Sheltered home** 2 (4%)
Nursing home 1 (2%)
Long-term hospital 2 (4%)
Employed at the time of cardiac arrest 26 (46%)
Returned to previous employment 16 (61%)
On sick-leave, returned to work later on 3 (12%)
Retired from previous work due to the event 7 (27%)
  1. Data are given as absolute numbers (percentage). *One alone-living patient received help from a home-care nurse once a week with medication dispensing. **These two patients had already lived in a sheltered home before cardiac arrest.