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Figure 1

From: Assessment of the breath alcohol concentration in emergency care patients with different level of consciousness

Figure 1

The correlation between the BAC and the BrAC, where the identity lines represents a BBR of 2100:1. (a) The BrACmeas gave a clear underestimation of the BAC with 26% (n=88; y=0.368x+0.0092; r=0.94. (b) Use of the BrACest resulted in an underestimation of the BAC of only 6%, (n=88; y=0.466x+0.0465; r=0.94), the reason for this is the reduced effect from difference in cooperation and duration of the expiration performed by the subjects. One clear example of this reduced effect is the two outliers visible in Figure 1a, which are moved into the population in Figure 1b.

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