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Table 5 RAND-36 questionnaire results (the result expressed as rank average is directly proportional to the number of negative assessments of a given domain and inversely proportional to the level of patient functioning in the respective area)

From: Cardiac arrest survivors treated with or without mild therapeutic hypothermia: performance status and quality of life assessment

RAND-36 domains Control group (rank average) MTH (rank average) p (U-test)
Role limitations due to emotional problems 18.83 12.17 0.037
Energy/fatigue 16.92 10.08 0.022
Emotional wellbeing 15.07 12.85 0.488
Social functioning 17.59 14.30 0.318
General health 17.71 12.47 0.102
  1. MTH – mild therapeutic hypothermia, p<0,05 is considered as significant.